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How will you engage your audience?

Let us show you how to effectively utilise your visual content



Content is changing. No longer are whitepapers considered to be the secret to inbound marketing success, high impact visual is becoming the everyday norm.
Get ready to light a fire under and around your content marketing strategy. Your aim should be to engage your audience and promote clickthroughs.


What is visual content?

Well content marketing is about creating something that provides the viewer with value, and sharing it in a usable way and visual content marketing is no different.
But as the world becomes more saturated with business content a well executed visual marketing campaign allows you to attract attention to you and your products and services.

Visual content can be broken down to six types

Comics – Memes – Infographics – Photos – Videos – Visual Note Taking

Now the hard part “what to use and where?” Websites, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, Ebooks, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest etc. etc.

The fact is that this is where a strategy comes in no two businesses are alike so you have to work out what’s best for you.


YouTube Video Creation

We created this video for Vanliners Ltd. to illustrate how easy it is to DIY install one of their van lining kits.
Now we are well aware that there are no BAFTAs coming our way and that Quentin Tarantino needn’t lose any sleep but this was an inexpensive solution to an often asked question.

The fact is that this youtube video receives on avg 108 visits a day that then leads on to clickthroughs to the website and then ultimately sales.


Create a Call to Action

So your visual content marketing has done its job it has caught the viewers attention, aroused their intrigue and brought them to your site,

so now how do you benefit?

Traffic is all well and good but without conversions is there really any point to your site.

Here’s where you now have to get your message across and get your potential customer to commit to an action whether it be an online sale an email or a telephone call.



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